A List of Co-working Spaces in Addis Abeba

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Co-working is an arrangement in which several workers from different companies share an office space. It allows cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments.

Coworking is a concept that has emerged from the tech space from hackers and developers trying to acquire a space to work at just for a few days or hours. Even though it is a concept that has existed since 2005, the business of co-working spaces has grown significantly over the last decade.

Who Uses Co-Working Spaces?

The majority of the users for spaces are startups and freelancers. Startups prefer co-working spaces, because of the flexible arrangements. While another big segment, freelancers favor the arrangement because of their preference for non-structural arrangements.

According to Co-working Resources, the number of co-working spaces worldwide is projected to reach over 40,000 in 2024. With the emergence of the “side hustle” and the rise of flexible and remote work options for many employees, it’s no surprise that co-working spaces are expected to pop up in more and more urban and suburban areas over the coming years.

Addis Ababa welcomed its first co-working space through iceaddis in May 2011. And now the city hosts a number of co-working spaces in different areas.

List of Co-Working Spaces Currently Operating in Addis Abeba


iceaddis is the first innovation hub & co-working space in Ethiopia. It offers a ‘Hot Desk / Open Plan Seating’ at a rate of ETB 280 for a day pass, ETB 1200 for 5-day pass, and ETB 3,800 for 20-day pass to the community of techies, entrepreneurs, investors, and creatives who share the workspace. The space is open 24/7 from Monday to Sunday.

In addition, the iceaddis co-working space has a kitchen and personal lockers with free refreshments available for users of the space. It also offers different types of seating such as standing desks and beanbags; office equipment like printers, scanners, and photocopiers.



blueSpace provides a full-service, fully-furnished facility to its members with access to Wi-Fi, complimentary tea, coffee, and fruit-infused water.

Besides the office and workspace, space provides a meeting and event facilities to cater to the growing business community.

At blueSpace, a day pass for a hot desk/ open plan for 1 person is ETB 402.50, a dedicated desk for a month is ETB 4,600 and a monthly fee for a private office per desk is between ETB 8,050 – ETB10,000.

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Another co-working space that is available is ShegerHive which is located in Mexico Round on the last floor of Yobek Commercial Center building with a view of the city.

Space has two meeting rooms: one can accommodate 8 people while the other is enough for 18. Space can totally hold up to 30-40 People. Sheger five currently has an offer for businesses.



Launched in 2020 Insትworkspace provides a furnished and affordable workspace. It has flexible options along with meeting rooms and event spaces. The co-working space has Wi-Fi, basic office equipment such as – printer, scanner, copier, desk space, and power outlets with 24/ 7 access. The workspace also provides free water, coffee, and tea.

The space has a monthly rate, weekly pass rate, and day pass rate and the pricing is ETB 2500 per month, ETB 1000 weekly pass, ETB 250 day pass consecutively.


Pro Office

Pro Office is a co-working space that is built to fit all types of businesses. The office space is a ready-made space that provides WI-FI and printer services. Their package includes a private room with a daily rate of ETB 300, the old way cubicles with ETB 200, a conference room, and training rooms with an hourly rate of ETB 200. Moreover, there is a package where startups can get licenses with Pro Office’s address and the monthly rate that is ETB 3,000.


The Urban Center

The Urban Center offers a space with access to unlimited internet and basic office equipment such as a photocopier, scanner, and a printer. The facility includes meeting rooms and a Library. The daily pass at the urban center for a flexible space in the main hall is ETB 150. For those who prefer a more private space, a dedicated chair is ETB 250, while the monthly fee is ETB 3,000. The space is currently open from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 9 PM. The Urban Center isn’t currently open for external users.


Adore Addis 

Adore Addis is a space that joined the scene just recently. Adore located in Bole, Atlas it provides a wide range of services to its customers. Adore has flexible office spaces that can be leased, by the hour, by the day, by the week, and by the month. In addition to these Adore also offers a variety of extended-stay options. At Adore, users can also find a variety of freshly made meal items they can enjoy.


Other Places To Work

There are restaurants and coffee places in Addis that one can visit to work.

Galani Coffee

Galani Coffee by RENEW provides free WiFi and a co-working environment where you can order anything from their menu while you work on your tasks at the space.

The cafe has an upstairs art gallery and a small shop selling some local goods.


Savor Addis

Savor Addis is a dining place with an ambiance. It gives free Wi-Fi access and a co-working environment while ordering your favorite meals and work comfortably and productively.

The restaurant working days are from Monday to Saturday, but on Saturdays, the working hours are limited as it is until 5 PM and the rest of the days is until 8 PM.


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